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5 Reasons to Fire up Your Sales and Marketing Team with Coaching

Traditionally, sales and marketing teams are either coached by business owners, human resources and if we are lucky a sales and marketing manager (Who obviously have no coaching skills). Times are changing, why? There are professional coaches at your beck and call; professionals who have invested time and money to acquire skills that can hugely improve your sales and marketing department. Still doubt? Let us tell you how coaches can change your organization...

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Coaching is increasingly being recognised as an important method for improving instruction and achievement in our educational sector, which also contributes to sustained change in teachers’ practices, beliefs and attitudes. Coaching is: 20% energy, 20% passion, 20% content, 20% knowledge, 20% organization and 100% relationships. A combination of these can have a great impact on… Continue reading THREE (3) IMPORTANT REASONS TEACHERS NEED A 360 DEGREE COACHING